West Gate Tunnel Project

Transurban is committed to achieving an Excellent Infrastructure Sustainability Design and As Built Ratings for the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Learning and sharing with the community

Community feedback is essential to the development of the West Gate Tunnel Project. Transurban has created a wide range of opportunities for local communities, councils and industry to view information about the project and to share their suggestions and views. We have participate in community and stakeholder meetings, produced online tools and hosted community consultation sessions to present information and hear from the community.

The engagement program for the West Gate Tunnel Project follows five phases over more than two years, aligned with key milestones in the planning, design and construction stages of the project. Key principles of responsiveness, transparency, openness, inclusivity and accountability were adopted and underpinned the engagement approach.

This community engagement strategy won a Gold Quill Excellence Award from the International Association of Business Communicators.

Immersive community engagement

The project has continued to offer innovative ways to inform and receive feedback from the community. A 12-metre long pop-up ‘spacecube’ is one example. Visitors walking through the spacecube could see the project from end-to-end, giving them a clear understanding of how the project will work in practice. Large-scale and interactive maps, artist impressions, a mock tunnel, videos and brochures provided detailed information about the design. More than 1,500 people visited the spacecube and positive feedback was received about both the design and the level of community engagement.

Environment Effects Statement

In FY17, the Victorian Government released the West Gate Tunnel Project’s Environment Effects Statement (EES). The EES includes details on the environmental effects of the design, how the tunnel will be built and operated, and proposed plans for managing effects. For more information, refer to the West Gate Tunnel Project website.

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