Logan Enhancement Project

Transurban has committed to achieving Excellent Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Design and As Built Ratings for the Logan Enhancement Project.

Coffee consultation

In the planning stages of the project, we invited the community to join us for coffee events. These events have allowed community members and stakeholders to share their thoughts with us. We are used the information shared to shape the final alignment and design to better meet the community’s needs.

Cultural heritage investigations

Before progressing this project to major construction, Transurban conducted cultural heritage investigations along the Logan Enhancement Project project corridor. These investigations involved identifying any culturally significant artefacts and relocating them. We have 24 investigation areas within the project corridor and about 40 items of significance have been found to date.

Helping fauna get home safely

The Logan Enhancement project received a Road Ecology Award from the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee. This award recognised Transurban’s contribution to providing improved options for fauna movement (such as new crossings, fencing, and refuge poles) across the Logan and Gateway Extension motorways.

For more information, refer to the Logan Enhancement Project website.

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