Gateway Upgrade North

The Gateway Upgrade North was awarded an Excellent Infrastructure Sustainability Design Rating, the first major road project in Queensland to achieve an IS rating. The rating reflects our sustainable approach to project management, including the sustainable management of construction materials, pollution controls, ecology protection, community benefit creation and innovative solutions.

Community information sharing

We have provided regular construction notifications to the community and to Gateway Motorway users via email and the Gateway Upgrade North website. We have also shared information with the community about the project’s environmental management, traffic management, noise management, and piling activities.

Work experience opportunities

In late FY17, the Gateway Upgrade North project launched a work experience program for high school students. We hosted nine students from Sandgate District State High School – a local school located directly across the road from the project’s site office. Students were exposed to a range of different roles on the project, including construction, engineering, environment, traffic, commercial and community relations.

The future of asphalt

Gateway Upgrade North has become the first Australian motorway built using EME2 asphalt, a product that contains up to 15 per cent recycled materials. EME2, a high-modulus (stiff) asphalt designed for use on heavy-traffic roads, has been used in France for more than 25 years. EME2 allows for an up to 20 per cent reduction in the depth of pavements – so less asphalt is needed.

For more information, refer to the Gateway Upgrade North website.

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