The topics included in this report are guided by materiality assessments to determine the most relevant and appropriate issues for Transurban to report on for FY17. We have used several processes to identify material issues for reporting.

Material sustainability issues

The GRI G4 framework for sustainability reporting was used to determine the broad economic, environmental and social topics most relevant for our report. As in previous years, this process identified the consistently high priority issues for our business, including economic performance, health and safety, local communities, ethical business practices and workplace policies.

Transurban’s material sustainability issues were grouped into the GRI G4 Aspects and UN Sustainability Development Goals, and mapped based on ‘Level of stakeholder interest’ and ‘potential consequence to Transurban’ in FY17.

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Transurban’s most material UN Sustainable Development Goals:


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This year we expanded our materiality assessment to include the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A summary of the material goals for Transurban and our progress towards them has been included here.