Learning and development

Opportunities to learn at Transurban include on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, secondments and a range of formal learning and development programs.

This year, each employee received an average 20.6 hours training, in line with previous years. Our learning and development programs are aligned with our capability requirements at different business levels, from graduates to emerging leaders through to managers and executives. This includes specific development for our senior leader group with an annual program of activities with our executive education partner – INSEAD.

All employees have regular conversations with their managers to receive feedback and discuss career and development goals. Each employee has an agreed Personal Development Plan, which identifies specific development activities for the year, and employee progress is monitored through regular one-on-one meetings with managers, and through half-year and annual performance reviews.

Communities of practice

One collaborative activity that we have identified to help foster skills and career development are our Communities of Practice (CoP). These are self-nominated groups of employees from across Business Units and regions who have a common expertise, interest or passion about a topic, and want to share and expand their knowledge.

CoPs focus on sharing best practices and creating new knowledge in the group, which can be applied back in the workplace and in each person’s respective career. These are employee-led knowledge sharing forums that are tailored to meet the needs of specialised disciplines.

This initiative arose following our 2015 Employee Opinion Survey where employees identified they wanted more opportunities to connect with others, and to further their training and career development. Transurban established frameworks to guide each group, but allow them to have a self-defined purpose and objectives led by employee needs and interests. We currently have 13 active Communities of Practice across the business.

Human Resources Director magazine recognised this program with an Innovative HR Teams 2017 award. 

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