Employee engagement

Our annual Employee Opinion Survey gathers feedback from employees across the business to understand how we are tracking on a range of topics.

This year, our overall Employee Engagement Index was 70 per cent, a two per cent increase on last year. This index is based on a collection of questions about the degree of pride, advocacy, satisfaction and commitment our people hold for Transurban. This result has continued to improve and is in line with the Global norm, which is monitored by independent survey provider, IBM.

The majority of employees (80 per cent) say they are proud to work for Transurban, up three per cent on FY17. Our values are also supported by the majority (85 per cent) of our employees.

Transurban uses data from the survey to identify opportunities for improvement in the management of our people, including ongoing action plans for every team to ensure we are continuing to act on feedback and meeting employee needs.

Employee wellbeing

We are committed to keeping our employees safe and healthy at work and at home. Our wellbeing program helps us to achieve this by providing resources across four focus areas:

  • Mind: Helping employees develop awareness, build mental health resilience, providing early intervention and supporting recovery during difficult times
  • Body: Offering programs for exercise, nutrition and healthcare
  • Connected: Supporting community events and offering paid volunteer leave for employees wanting to make a significant contribution in their community
  • Recognition: Acknowledging the outstanding contributions made by employees through quarterly and annual awards, and in everyday work through employee recognition programs

This year our Chief Financial Officer, Adam Watson, took up Transurban’s Wellbeing Ambassador role. Our Wellbeing Ambassador advocates for the development of and participation in wellbeing initiatives and programs and encourages employees to balance their work and life in healthy ways.

Mental health

To help raise awareness, remove stigma and support our people, Transurban conducted a wide range of mental-health-related programs and activities during FY17. These included:

  • Supporting both World Mental Health Day and RUOK? Day - For RUOK? Day, employees were encouraged talk about their overall wellbeing or mental health with their colleagues, using cue cards as conversation starters
  • Training 78 mental health first aiders across Australia - These employees now have the skills to recognise signs of mental health problems and to provide support to employees when needed
  • Conducting domestic violence support training for Transurban’s people leaders and other interested employees
  • Offering training in mental health resilience to all Australian employees
  • Offering external support services to employees, contractors and their families through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This service has also been extended to members of the community and customers on several occasions
  • Providing targeted support such as critical incident response support to traffic control room operators who are often exposed to serious road incidents during their duties
  • Offering support such as flexible working options to employees who voluntarily disclose a mental health condition 

Mates in Construction

The rate of mental health distress and suicide among construction industry workers is disproportionately high. Transurban recognises that, without action, stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental health on construction sites may prevent people from seeking help and advice.

As at the end of FY17, More than 500 NorthConnex employees had received Mates In Construction training in recognising signs of distress that lead to suicide. Support was also provided to employees including case management and on-site visits by field officers.

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