Creating employment opportunities

Transurban supports a range of organisations focused on providing employment opportunities for disadvantaged or at risk people:

  • Virginia Values Veterans (V3) – Transurban is a certified V3 company. This program educates and trains companies on the value of recruiting, hiring, training and retaining veterans. Through the V3 program, we have made a commitment to increase career opportunities at Transurban for Virginia's veterans.
  • Indigenous traineeship program – In partnership with Aboriginal Employment Strategy, Transurban Queensland has introduced a program to create career development opportunities and pathways for people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent in our local communities.
  • Refugee Employment Support Program – We have pledged our support for this NSW Government internship, scholarship, training and mentoring initiative. The program will help up to 6,000 refugees and 1,000 asylum seekers find work.
  • Ability Works Australia – We have a long-term partnership with Ability Works Australia, a Victorian organisation that supports, employs and trains people with disabilities.


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