Enhancing customer experience

More than 712 million trips are taken on Transurban toll roads each year, including trips taken by our more than five million account and pass-holding customers. With millions of customers, efficient and responsive service is essential to the successful operation of our business.

Our customers

We understand the importance of ensuring a tailored experience for commuters, casual travellers, small businesses and large corporates. With this in mind, we are continually reviewing our products and making it easier for customers to choose a product that meets their needs.

Our customers interact with us via five retail brands:

  • CityLink (Victoria)
  • Roam (New South Wales)
  • Transurban Linkt (New South Wales)
  • go via (Queensland)
  • E-ZPass (Greater Washington Area2).

Customer service

Our customer service practices, strategies and initiatives are informed by three customer promises:

  • Make it easy
  • Show we care
  • Add value

In FY17, our customer service initiatives included:

Make it easy

  • Launched Transurban Linkt in New South Wales, supported by new products to better meet the needs of both frequent and casual travellers
  • Streamlined the online account-opening process to make signing up quicker and easier
  • Enhanced our online offerings to include toll calculators and simplified ‘help me choose’ product selectors

Show we care

  • Continued our Voice of the Customer feedback program, as well as a range of customer research into driver preferences, product development and innovation
  • Supported customers with First Time Forgiveness Programs and financial hardship options to help customers in need
  • Introduced new service channels, including web chat and Facebook

Add value

  • Launched user-friendly mobile apps for CityLink and Transurban Linkt account customers

Customer service teams

Our customer service teams are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Virginia and Manila.

We measure our customer service performance through metrics such as Customer Satisfaction, our ability to resolve customer queries on the first call (First Call Resolution) and our ability to answer calls within 30 seconds (Grade of Service).

A summary of our Australian customer service performance in FY17 is shown below:





Transurban Linkt

go via

First Call Resolution (%)






Grade of Service (%)
(Target 70%)






Customer Satisfaction
(out of 5)






Note: In the USA, overall customer service performance scores were 95.3% for First Call Resolution, 80% for Service Level (this is broadly equivalent to the Australian Grade of Service metric) and 94.4% for Quality (a USA-specific metric that is based on performance against a customer service quality scorecard). E-ZPass is not included here as it is administered by the Virginia Department of Transportation

Mobile apps

More than half our customers access their accounts via mobile devices and so, during FY17, we introduced user-friendly smartphone apps for CityLink (Victoria) and Transurban Linkt (NSW) customers. Smartphone apps will be available to go via (QLD) customers in FY18.

In the USA, we also released a smartphone update to our Express Lanes mobile app on iOS and Android. The updated app offers new navigation features, a simplified payment process and personalised alerts.

All our apps include prominent alerts discouraging customers from using the app while driving.

LinktGO: a new way to pay for tolls

In May 2017, Transurban trialled a GPS-enabled smartphone app, LinktGO, that allows customers to use our toll roads without any ongoing commitment. Customers receive trip information in real time and can pay trip by trip via their smartphone. After a successful trial, Transurban is launching this product for its NSW customers in FY18.

Australian retail locations

Our data shows our customers are increasingly completing their toll road transactions outside traditional business hours. To support these customers, Transurban has partnered with retailers so customers can now manage their accounts at more than 3,600 retail locations, many with extended operating hours including Australian Federation of Newsagents, 7-Eleven convenience stores, Puma Energy and United petrol stations. Transurban supports its retail partners with ongoing education about point-of-sale transactions, advertising and customer communications.

Web chat

In August 2016, we launched web chat across our three Australian retail websites – CityLink, go via and Transurban Linkt. We are also piloting live chat through our CityLink app to improve the mobile customer experience. Since its introduction we have conducted more than 80,000 chats through the CityLink, go via and Transurban Linkt websites.

Customer engagement and research

Transurban reviews customer feedback on an ongoing basis via its quantitative Voice of the Customer research program. This year, we also conducted customer research into driver preferences, on-road experiences, road-charging attitudes and behaviours, product development and innovation. Our research findings prompted us to improve some of our products and services to better meet our customers’ needs. These improvements included:

  • Launching a tagless account product in NSW for casual travellers
  • Redesigning customer communications such as statements and reminder notices to improve comprehension
  • Making it easier for key accounts to manage their fleets by piloting a CityLink real-time incident notification program

Investing in our customer team

As well as reviewing and improving our products and tools, we also invested in developing the skills of our customer service team. This year we introduced a Frontline Leaders program, developed in partnership with the Australian Institute of Management. This program enables our customer-service leaders to expand their business, leadership and people skills.

We also launched ThanksTU, a customer feedback program available to all non-customer-facing employees. This program allows a diverse range of employees to speak to our customers directly. Our employees call customers to thank them for using our service, and then ask for the customer’s feedback on their experiences using our roads and products. ThanksTU gives non-customer-facing employees an opportunity to consider their work from the customer’s perspective.

Tolling and customer account management

Transurban services more than 5 million retail and commercial customers that use our roads in different ways and have different preferences for how they manage their tolls.

Australia's toll road costs

Preventing and resolving missed tolls, fees and fines

More than 95 per cent of our customers pay for their travel within the required timeframe. Where tolling or payment issues arise, we proactively communicate with customers and provide multiple opportunities for the resolution of issues before they escalate to fees or infringement.

When a toll or account is not paid on time, Transurban customers may be charged additional fees and, if a toll or account remains unpaid for an extended period, may enter infringement processes. We aim to assist customers wherever possible to prevent this from happening.

Support provided

Our customer service team is available to help customers encountering problems with their tolls or account.

A First Time Forgiveness Program is now in place across all markets. This program helps account customers who unintentionally receive a toll invoice by waiving the administration fee and so avoid account suspension. Where a customer’s account has been suspended for non-payment, we will contact the customer to help resolve any travel issues, update their account details and provide information on how to better manage their account.

We also work with customers who do not hold an account with us on how best to use our networks, or open an account if they choose.

We continue to assist our customers who are experiencing payment difficulties. In FY17, we received 778 financial hardship requests. In response to these requests, we provided tailored payment options and, where circumstances warranted it, we waived the debt.

In the USA, 97% of trips are paid or have a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) or other exemption at time of travel. We continued to operate our Customer Care and First Time Forgiveness programs to help customers avoid or resolve issues with unpaid tolls and the potential for escalation of fees and civil penalties. Since commencement in 2015, this program has helped more than 138,000 customers in the USA avoid fees and civil penalties.

Customer Advocacy

In FY17, we appointed a Customer and Communities Advocate to enhance our ability to assist people with payment difficulties and proactively engage communities to address issues of vulnerability to tolling debt.

Complaint handling accreditation

Our Customer Service team engaged the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) to certify our complaint-handling framework to Australian and international standards.

The CSIA’s scoring uses a continuous improvement model that rates each element at one of three levels: Intention, Implementation or Integration. We successfully achieved CSIA certification, with 17 out of 23 areas of assessment rated at the highest level (Integration).


2) E-ZPass in Greater Washington Area is administered by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), not by Transurban.

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